Olivia Van Allan has been writing for over 15 years. She has a background in journalism, television, radio, computers and music. She is now focusing on romance novels and has just finished her first novel in that genre, The Scarlett Deception, (Now available!). She lives just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma in an aged Victorian house (which is NOT haunted) that she is remodeling.

The Scarlett Deception

Completed May 2021

Scarlett La Croix is an elusive, anonymous, national-bestselling romance author. No one has yet discovered her true identity. Emily Lewis is an up and coming investigative reporter, just handed the story of her life: to find out who Scarlett La Croix really is! Tanner West seems like a nondescript, albeit attractive, construction worker, who Emily finds too much of a distraction. But what possible link could there be between this ordinary blue-collar local and the secretive millionaire novelist?

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Seven Maples

Estimated completion January 2022

A beautiful, 100-year-old victorian mansion nestled in the plains of northeast Oklahoma. Surrounded by seven magnificent maple trees, it's history reveals a dark secret and an ancient curse.

The Scarlett Identity

Estimated completion January 2023

The second novel in the Scarlett Series.

Robyn's Song

Estimated completion January 2024

Robyn's life was full of music, but it will be cut short too early. Can she teach her young protégé enough in the short time she has left to continue her legacy?

The Scarlett Revelation

Estimated completion January 2025

The third and final novel in the Scarlett Series.